What's the best advice you can give someone it could be anything?


the way the system of the world is set up is you can’t really live without $$.
so get your own. but while you get your own. affect those around you in a positive way. don’t leave this earth where the only thing ppl can remember you as is an ignorant mean person. make others smile even if you can’t make yourself smile. define your own happiness because unfortunately in this world whether you do good or bad, people will always talk sh*t. and when people talk sh*t that should motivate you to keep doing what you’re doing…like me, i get “hate” everyday like, “she’s so lightskin”, “she’s ugly”, “she thinks she’s better”, “she thinks she’s the sh*t”, “she tries to hard”, “she’s so hollywood.”
but in reality, 1. *looks at skin* i am lightskin. 2. i’m not ugly. i’m not the most prettiest but i am comfortable in my own skin and i think the thought of even being comfortable with who i am is pretty beautiful to me. 3. i don’t think im better i just think differently. 4. i don’t think im the sh*t but those who talk sh*t are pretty sh*tty people. 5. only thing i try hard to do is make others smile and get bread, im a hardworker. 6. i can’t see every comment it’s physically impossible.

so my advice is just do you. surround yourself with people who want to see you do well always. and just laugh.

# 🌸🌸🌸’ #

  • Me: I'd like a Coke.
  • Waiter: is Pepsi okay?
  • Me: yeah, she's fine. the surgery went well and she's looking at a full recovery.
  • Waiter: fantastic. I can't wait to see you two drop by here again. she's a nice gal even though she's got an odd name. I'll bring your Coke around in just a moment.